The Classification of Candles

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There are many types of candles, which can be generally divided into two categories: daily lighting candles (ordinary candles) and handicraft candles (special purpose candles) according to the purpose of use.

Lighting candles are relatively simple, usually white rod-shaped candles.

Craft candles can be subdivided into many kinds. First of all, they can be divided into jelly craft candles and scented craft candles. Generally, various colors (such as birthday candles) are displayed due to the addition of ingredients, and the shapes are also made into various forms (such as spiral, digital, etc.) due to the need to integrate novelty, decoration, ornamental, and functionality.

With the improvement of everyone’s quality of life, scented candles have gradually entered the lives of more and more people. Lighting one when taking a bath, one when drinking burgundy, and one before going to bed can add some interest to life. Appetite is created by ourselves. As long as we live our life with heart, life will treat us kindly.

So, do you really understand candles, what are the classifications of candles?

A. Soy Wax, SOY WAX

Refined from soybeans, environmentally friendly, more and more people choose soybean wax to make candles.Divided into container wax and columnar wax. As shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, the container wax is divided into domestic and imported, the domestic wax is relatively finely divided, and the imported wax is relatively large. The container wax is mainly used to make container wax that does not need to be demolded, which can perfectly Fits the container wall.

Columnar wax has good volume shrinkage and is easy to demold. For candles to be demolded, container soybean wax and 30eswax can be used instead. Soybean wax requires mold temperature between 60-70 degrees.

B. Beeswax, BEE WAX

It is made of beeswax secreted by bees. It has a high volume shrinkage rate and is basically used with soybean wax.

C. Paraffin

The well-known brand candles on the market are basically paraffin. Petroleum and other bodies are refined, divided into 56, 58 degrees, domestic and imported. The main production companies are Daqing Refining and Chemical Company, which has high transparency, and Daqing Petrochemical Company, which has white color. Also divided into blocks and granules. The temperature of paraffin into the mold is required to be between 80-100 degrees.

D. Jelly wax, GEL WAX

Transparent, suitable for use with dried flowers, shells for decoration.

E. Palm wax

The size of the ice flower formed at a temperature of 90 degrees into the mold, can be divided into large ice flower wax and small ice flower wax, and the ice flower effect will be produced when the temperature is above 90 degrees.

Understanding the characteristics and temperature requirements of each wax can better help us combine the characteristics of candles when designing candle styles to achieve more perfect results.

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